Top Personal Finance Books


The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Next Door introduces the wealthy and their life styles in America after a 20 year-long research of the group of individuals with net worth over one million dollars by Doctors Stanley and Danko. Surprisingly to many in today’s consumption-encouraging culture and perhaps sensically to some who adhere to fundamental ways to save money, the research findings are summarized as follows:

  • Millionaires are frugal- they live below their means
  • Millionaires utilize their time, energy and money efficiently
  • Millionaires are practical and hold financial independence as their primary objective
  • Millionaires have been trained to survive on their own without financial aid from their parents
  • Millionaires then train their own children to be self-sufficient financially
  • Millionaires are masters in targeting market opportunities
  • Millionaires choose the right occupation for themselves

Readers of the book will learn how to accumulate wealth against the temptations of the consumption society we live in, in addition to the key success factors of the millionaires club. Everyone can become a millionaire by following the lessons of this book with due diligence, discipline, perseverance and a little luck.