About Us

We are young,successful finance professionals, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with top-notch educational training and demonstrated work experiences.

As young professionals in the financial industry, we have come across numerous instances where our colleagues and friends recommend great business books to read for our personal and professional growth and where we returned the favor. We created this website to present essential business books in hopes that our business and society will flourish as many more people get to read these great books we carefully selected. We have truly grown both personally and professionally due in no small part to these books and wish to pay forward the favors we have received.

Based on reviews from numerous sources around us, i.e. successful financiers, business executives and leaders both in private and public sectors as well as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and The New York Times, to name a few, we compiled the top business books of all time that tomorrow’s
leaders must read.

We hope that our highly recommended books serve as a bridge between leaders of today (and of yesterday) with leaders of tomorrow. Enjoy.