Top Strategy Books


In Search of Excellence

In Search of Excellence is a classic best-selling business book, based on a research on 43 leading American companies in a variety of industries and sectors. Tom Peters, the author, shares eight vital lessons of management that are embedded in the successful American corporations.

The eight critical management lessons commonly found in the successful American corporations as described in the book are:

  • A bias for action, active decision making-getting on with it. Facilitate quick decision making & problem solving tends to avoid bureaucratic control
  • Close to the customer- learning from the people served by the business
  • Autonomy and entrepreneurship- fostering innovation and nurturing champions
  • Productivity through people- treating rank and file employees as a source of quality
  • Hands-on, value-driven- management philosophy that guides everyday practice- management showing its commitment
  • Stick to the knitting- stay with the business that you know
  • Simple form, lean staff- some of the best companies have minimal HQ staff
  • Simultaneous loose-tight properties- autonomy in shop-floor activities plus centralized values

This book will be most useful to today’s management as a practical tool to apply to run organizations effectively.