Top Leadership Books


On Becoming A Leader:

Warren Bennis, known as the dean of leadership gurus, has long claimed that leadership is taught not born with. The book presents leadership qualities and leaders with those qualities in the book. More importantly, On Becoming A Leader describes easy-to-apply techniques for readers to assume leadership.

The leadership characteristics that separate leaders from managers, according to Warren Bennis, are as follows:

  • The leader innovates while the manager administers
  • The leader is an original while the manager is a copy
  • The leader develops while the manager maintains
  • The leader focuses on people while the manager focuses on systems and structure
  • The leader has a long-range perspective while the manager has a short-range view
  • The leader’s eye is on the horizon while the manager has his or her eye always on the bottom line
  • The leader originates while the manager imitates
  • The leader challenges the status quo while the manager accepts it
  • The leader is his or her own person while the manager is the classic good soldier
  • The leader does the right thing while the manager does things right

The book will enable its readers to achieve leadership in today’s ever-confusing world where true leaders are called for.