Seven Principles to Being Great at Whatever You Do!

The Monk who sold his Ferrari “Robin Sharma“ A remarkable story about living your dream

I consider this book as one of the best motivational books I have read.
This book was published ten years ago, and it is still considered as one of the top life guides for many people. It conveys advice to help people balance work, family life as well as personal fulfillment. There are seven main points in the book which represents seven principles people need to do in order to live a harmonious life.


First of all, you need to master your mind

This means to use your brain as a tool to visualize yourself in the future, For example, a girl could visualize herself as a successful kindergarten teacher, who helps children; then after visualizing herself as a kindergarten teacher, she would continually use her brain to keep thinking and telling herself that she will become kindergarten teacher. No matter what, the will be my future! This will vastly increase the probability of the girl’s future as a kindergarten teacher. As mentioned in the book, the more you think you can do it, the more likely you will make it.

Know your purpose and follow it
You should sit down and think about where you want be in the future and set a well-established goal that has a clear outcome and a time line. After setting up your goal, you need to think about how you will achieve it. You should repeat this process for 21 days until it becomes a habit. Enjoy the process as you moving toward the goal, and don’t forget to WRITE IT DOWN!!

For the next step, you need to practice Kaizen
Kaizen is a Japanese word, which means continuous learning. It involves doing things you fearto overcome the fear. Remember; always keep an open mind to new knowledge!

Try as hard as you can
Now, take a look at yourself and ask, are you trying as hard as you can at work?. This is what you always need to ask yourself, Do you live with discipline? If the answer is yes, you have one of the things it takes to succeed. The secret to being happy is to keep you busy, work as hard as you can, keep thinking positive, and smile! That’s right, SMILE

Respect your time

Respecting time doesn’t mean sitting there counting every second twiddling your thumbs; it means making the most of every moment. I don’t have much time to waste explaining this to you, so this paragraph is over. TIME IS MONEY

Hey! Can you do for me a favor?…
Would you do me a favor if I asked, or would you ignore me and give me a strange look? Sharma tells the reader to pay it forward. Don’t ask, just do things for others and expect nothing in return. Look around and imagine a world where everyone is selflessly serving others. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Enhancing the present

Finally, stop being a prisoner in the past, start building your future. Don’t put things off when you need to have them done. Stop saying oh well, I can do it tomorrow because pushing things to tomorrow will become a habit and tomorrow might be too late!

Are you following these seven principles? I would recommend this book as a must read for all people who strive to become great in everything they do 