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The HP Way

David Packard’s The HP Way tells us how the company, Hewlett-Packard came about in 1939 from a small garage with two Stanford University graduates to a behemoth, comprising of 98,400 employees and $25 billion in sales in 1994. This book shares Hewlett and Packard’s unique management strategies, The HP Way, giving us insights into managing people with vision, innovation and hard work.

HP, one of the world’s most respected technology companies for its technical knowledge and innovation, succeeded with its distinct approach to business, which includes hard work, sensitivity to customers and employees, openness to change, commitment to community service and willingness to win.

In this book, readers will find out how a garage in Palo Alto gave birth to Silicon Valley and how HP became such a respected and successful technology company with steady growth with a story of Hewlett and Packard’s combined work. The book will inspire entrepreneurs and managers as they look to establish steady growth and ultimate successes of their businesses.