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Sam Walton: Made in America

In this biography, we meet Sam Walton, a founder of Wal-Mart. From a dime store in a small town of America to the retail giant of the world, Walton, the living American dream, opened the first Wal-Mart store on July 2, 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. After partnering with Stefan Dasbach, Walton opened many more stores that still exist today with an effort to find manufacturers who could supply products to the entire chain at a price low enough for the competition.

Walton’s one-stop-shopping center format was a product of his open-mindedness and observation skills, constantly and curiously looking at what his competition did. Walton’s focus on smaller towns when opening stores was preceded by his emphasis on logistics and proximity to Wal-Mart’s regional warehouses. Combination of volume purchase and efficient logistics system characterizes Wal-Mart today and its Every Day Low Prices sales of name brand products.

Readers will be sucked into Walton’s humble and frank tale full of his passion, inspiration, dream and achievements that have made possible Wal-Mart, the No. 1 powerhouse of Fortune 500 companies today.