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The Checklist Manifesto

In The Checklist Manifesto, the best-selling author, Atul Gawande, explains how an ordinary checklist can simplify todayss complex world we live in. From surgeries that require highly trained doctors to flying that mandate years of handling an airplane, one of the most sophisticated machinery, ever-increasing complexity makes it challenging even for specialists to stay on top of all the changes. Despite more training and specialization, and better technologies, we are still prone to errors in all industries including health care and government. The solution that will substantially reduce the errors we make in all industries lies with use of checklists, Gawande claims through the book.

Readers of the book will understand how checklists work to deliver positive outcomes. The book notes that checklists, utilized commonly in the aerospace and defense industry, are being applied and adopted in various industries throughout the world and the results have been tremendously successful. The checklists will become readers powerful tool with which mistakes can be avoided and lives saved.