Top Personal Finance Books


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Robert T. Kiyosaki’s New York Times best-seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad offers his philosophy on personal finance and experiences with money. Kiyosaki’s education and upbringing in Hawaii and lessons from the two dads, one being his biological father and the other his best friend’s father, by whom he was influenced, provide the basis for the book and advice on how to earn a living and live a life.

His poor dad was a well-educated individual working for the Hawaii State Department of Education with little money and debt while his rich dad was the richest man in Hawaii with little education and successful investments.

This book will open readers eyes to a fresh concept of making money work instead of never-ending slavery of making money in exchange for labor. Readers will be able to enjoy more freedom in life, not to mention financial freedom thanks to Kiyosaki’s rich dad.