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Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson produced this book after 40 interviews with Jobs over two years and interviews with his friends, competitors, enemies, family members et al. A story of Jobs ups and downs, extreme personality, creativity, struggle for perfection and fierce will shows him bringing changes in many industries today.

A visionary who foresaw the societal needs for digital revolution, Jobs is the symbol of digital innovation, simple yet powerful design and creativity. Building one of the world’s most admired companies for creativity and engineering, Jobs assumed complete independence from the book. The book contains Jobs frank opinions of the people he had interacted with as well as honest opinions of people who had been friends, colleagues and enemies.

Readers of the book will be able to see, as if they had been shadowing Jobs all along, how Jobs imaginations, obsessions and passions had profoundly affected people around him, the company he had built, the products that had materialized and everlasting and forward-moving digital revolution he had presented to the world.